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How hypnotherapy and life coaching can help heal your childhood trauma

Many of my clients come to me with problems relating to traumatic event that have happened in their childhood. Using my tried and tested professional hypnotherapy and life coaching techniques I can help them navigate and deal with deep seated issues and trauma from the past so that they can feel more contented and at peace with themselves.

How does hypnosis heal childhood trauma?

Once you are a fully-grown adult, you still have an inner child that resides within you carrying the hurt from your past. If memories and experiences have been too difficult to process in your early years, this may have led to issues such as anxiety, phobias, resentment and relationship problems. These issues can restrict how you live your life and hold you back from following your life goals.

Fortunately, using hypnosis, I can help you communicate with your inner child and heal you. Hypnotherapy helps you reposition your memories, allowing you to settle the trauma from your past. As you learn new and healthier approaches to processing these memories, the fear and anxieties eventually die off.

Childhood trauma is challenging to navigate, as you were too young to change or control the situation in which something or someone hurt you. But now that you’ve grown up and learned how to cope with troubling experiences, you can directly confront the trauma and with my help and professional support using hypnotherapy, you can learn to break free from your fears.

Hypnosis gives you a safe environment to heal and learn to resolve the conflict and with my professional guidance you will discover how to approach your trauma from a different perspective and will feel able to live a more positive and happier life.

Hypnotherapy for Childhood Trauma

Hypnotherapy can help you to release any symptoms of PTSD that you may still be experiencing from a traumatic event during your childhood, such as:

  • sexual abuse

  • emotional abuse

  • traumas from bullying and other types of mental abuses

  • reliving traumatic experiences from past events

  • physical abuse

  • feeling like the unwanted or forgotten child

  • for some people, the traumatic memory may be blocked and they may have no recollection of what has happened in their past

Hypnosis can help you release a traumatic event

If you’ve had a traumatic experience in the past, it can feel far too painful to deal with that event on your own. It is important for you to work with a professional therapist who has years of experience and knows the right tools to help to treat you and help you to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

Hypnosis is a great therapy tool to access what you need from these memories in order to release the stress and symptoms that you have been experiencing. Contact me to arrange a confidential consultation.

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