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How Hypnotherapy Works

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Unlike other forms of counselling, hypnotherapy can bring about results in a shorter period of time, because I’m working with the unconscious mind and can get to the root of the problem more quickly. Although I’m happy to work with you for as long as you need, you might only need between three and six sessions to achieve your goal.

The hypnosis I do is very different from what you see performed on stage; it is more about getting you in a deep state of relaxation and at no point will you be totally out of control. Once you are in this deeply relaxed state, feeling calm, yet alert, I can bring your attention to the behaviour or emotional response that you would like to change. 

The techniques I use depend on the issues you’re dealing with, so each client gets a personalised approach depending on what I think will work best to help you.

Neurolinguistic programming, or NLP, is a method to help you overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs, reduce stress and anxiety levels, as well as to inspire motivation in your life. It involves adjusting our language, including ‘self talk’ to change the way we perceive and experience things.

By incorporating NLP into my practice, I can help you to let go of restrictive thought patterns and make room for positive development.

Problems such as anxiety or insomnia are often caused by an underlying issue or trauma that people may not have dealt with. I use a variety of hypnotherapy techniques, including regression therapy, to help people address these negative memories and process the emotions associated with them, so they are become less painful.

Some clients come to me because they would like to get over a phobia, or break a bad habit, in these cases I can give them the tools they need to change their behaviour, including breathing and relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioural therapy and visualisation.

For others I might use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as ‘tapping’) to help you release blockages – thoughts and feelings you can’t let go of - to help you feel more confident in yourself and relaxed in certain situations.

Although we might be dealing with some difficult issues, I aim to keep sessions light and relaxed and for you to leave feeling more energised and in control than when you arrived.

I work with people from 13 years of age upwards. Children are supervised by a parent or carer, or other trusted adult, and I am DBS checked.

Sessions are currently offered via secure Zoom link currently due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

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