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I actually discovered the life-changing power of hypnotherapy as a patient recovering from a head injury which ended my career in the military as an engineer. Hypnotherapy enabled me to come off my medication, put to bed historic trauma and visualise a different future.. 

I didn’t become a therapist straight away - I launched a successful business, started a charity and also achieved my life-long ambition of reaching Mount Everest’s Base Camp.

All of these experiences led me to realise that it was possible to turn my life around and follow a different path. I also discovered that my calling was to help others who might be struck in some way to realise that with the right mindset, literally, ‘anything is possible’.

I qualified as a hypnotherapist in [year] and have helped a wide variety of people since then to overcome everything from eating disorders, fear of competing, overcoming trauma and fear of ‘coming out’.

I am currently studying for a BSc in Psychology which will give me  inform insight  to my practice.

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